Wot tog 2 matchmaking

Posted By: WoT Guru December 20, A very interesting feature is the rear hull armor which is sloped at 70 degrees. I find myself still impressed with how well it is suited for any situation it is put into.


Matchmaking in World of Tanks

The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS - russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

How to kill a TOG II

Jump to content. Here we are again However, with Germany having developed the 'blitzkrieg', the TOG was virtually useless, and the project was scrapped.
Jump to content. KaiserMartens, on May 22 - They acknowledged them to be broken and yet they keep selling. Accordingly, every tanker can exchange a particular machine through the special trade-in option for an exclusive list of tanks not available in the common trade-in don't worry, tanks available in the common trade in are also included. The cost of this kind of exchange will not exceed 2, Gold.
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