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I want someone who can stand up to me and keep up with me. I start investing in them by learning more about their wants and needs and I try to better understand them. I start showing them a better way to live by suggesting better ways in which they can improve their lives. Giving them my undivided attention and showing or faking interest in things they enjoy.
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Essential Principles of a Functional ESTJ Relationship | MBTI Personalities

So long as their partner is able to take them at their word and follow suit, they are bound to be extremely stable relationships. This may all sound a little stale, and indeed Executives are not spontaneous or unpredictable people, but they do very much enjoy taking their partners out and having fun. Executives approach intimacy with similarly physical, active intentions, and from fairly traditional ones as well. Wild ideas and poetry are for less mature personalities, or so Executives might say, though they do appreciate recognition and well-placed compliments to maintain high self-esteem. They may look for more stability in their sex lives than most, but Executives never fail to bring their characteristic vigor. Touchy-feely moments are few, as are verbal statements of love; this is usually fine, as Executive personalities find other, more tangible ways to express their affection. Executives address conflict head-on with simple statements of fact — a very rational approach — but subtlety and emotional tact are sacrificed in the process.
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Dating an ESTJ personality type

They are outgoing, practical, realistic, committed and devoted? They live in a world of facts and often seem out of touch with their emotions? Well, they definitely belong to an ESTJ personality type and here is everything you need to know about being in a romantic relationship with them.
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ESTJs are practical, action-oriented communicators. They often assume control and communicate to organize and determine what needs to be done. ESTJs are clear about expectations and procedures; they explain the necessary steps as well as how and when tasks should be completed.
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