Dating of earliest human bones

This is a list of dates associated with the prehistoric peopling of the world first known presence of Homo sapiens. The list is divided into four categories, Middle Paleolithic before 50, years ago , Upper Paleolithic 50, to 12, years ago , Holocene 12, to years ago and Modern Age of Sail and modern exploration. List entries are identified by region in the case of genetic evidence spatial resolution is limited or region, country or island, with the date of the first known or hypothesised modern human presence or "settlement", although Paleolithic humans were not sedentary. Human "settlement" does not necessarily have to be continuous; settled areas in some cases become depopulated due to environmental conditions, such as glacial periods or the Toba volcanic eruption. The oldest known evidence for anatomically modern humans as of [update] are fossils found at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco, dated about , years old.
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List of first human settlements - Wikipedia

To the untrained eye, the palm-sized quartz stones appear unremarkable. But archeologists believe that 96 roughly sharpened rocks dug from a cliffside deposit in China represent the oldest known evidence of ancient human tools outside of Africa. How and when our human ancestors first migrated from Africa is one of the greatest remaining scientific and historical mysteries. The first bipedal standing on two legs primates emerged in Africa around 7 million years ago, branching off from apes to form hominins, an evolutionary tribe that includes all previous species of humans—neanderthals, Homo erectus , etc. Until now, the earliest evidence of hominins outside of the African continent were tool and bone fragments from Dmanisi, Georgia dating back an estimated 1.
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Stone tools date early humans in North Africa to 2.4 million years ago

November 30, When did early humans first arrive in the Mediterranean area? New archaeological evidence published today online by the journal Science as a First Release indicates their presence in North Africa at least 2. This is about , years earlier than previously thought. The results, from the Ain Boucherit site in north eastern Algeria, provide new information on a time window involving the earliest representative of the Homo genus.
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CNN Ancient bones and teeth found in Callao Cave in the Philippines have led to the discovery of a previously unknown species related to humans called Homo luzonensis, according to a new study. The fossils belonged to two adults and one child who lived between 50, and 67, years ago. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.
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