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Forum Main Forums General Discussion "If a girl says no to plans and doesn't offer an alternative, she's rejecting you. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Sep Gender: Posts I then either 1 pinpoint why she's not interested, fix that shit, and keep gaming her until she is interested, or 2 just cut it off.
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Counteroffer definition: What does it mean when I get a counteroffer?

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Counter Offer - Doc Love

Ever meet a girl, and get her contact information, and then start chatting with her via phone or text message, and then go to set up a date with her — maybe to get some food, maybe a drink, maybe to just chill and hang out and watch a movie at your place — only to have her offer a counterproposal that suited you far less? Perhaps she suggested going shopping, or that you join her out with a group of her friends, or come to some party she was attending. Ever accept one of those counteroffers? If you did, you may very well have kicked yourself for going later, when you ended up getting slotted into the friend zone and never got together with the girl. Maybe, just maybe, a guy tooth-and-claws it, and fights off her other suitors, and eventually on Date 6 he gets her in the sack, but of course by that point she has him firmly pinned down into boyfriend territory.
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Is no counter offer an automatic NEXT?

An intricate dance begins when it comes to the give-and-take of negotiations involving home purchases. In fact, initial purchase offers made on homes are usually looked at by sellers as the start of the offer-counteroffer game. When sellers counteroffer in home sales, buyers are given at least a few days to decide whether to accept, reject or counteroffer back. Once a counteroffer is received the original offer is considered dead.
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A counter offer will just about always touch on three main overarching factors: Sellers typically shift this in one of two directions: That first instance indicates a lack of willingness to negotiate on price—but the second case is a green light for negotiations.
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